Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now If There Is One Thing You Never.... Ever....

Ever ever ever ever do... is try to lyrically battle Joseph Budden III. He will eat you. Three times, lmblackao. Just when this beef was starting to get good (well, I thought it was over after Round 3) this nigga Just Blaze decide to intervene. Apparently this was taking the turn from wax to real life altercations, which by the way I don't condone, but I don't believe that shit at all. I doubt Joe would go looking for Saigon, and I doubt Saigon would go looking for Joe. And there is really no reason for the two to be anywhere near each other. So therefore, I doubt Joe would ever get to "put his foot in [Saigon's] ass" and vice versa. But it is what it is. What is this like my fourth post of the day? Crazy right? Anyways... listen to the tracks and tell me who won? I already got my score card tallied.

Round 1: Joe Budden - Letter To Saigon
Round 2: Saigon - Under Achiever
Round 3: Joe Budden - Pain In His Life
Round 4: Saigon - Pushin Buddens

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