Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ever Have One Of Those Days

When random shit happens to you? This was definitely one of them. A lot has been going these past few days. Got mad exams coming up so I haven't been scavenging the internets lately, although I did come across a new Hov track that was decent. Been back on my R&B shit. I guess I'm tryin to find some motivation to finish this "Songs About Girls" shit. Got a lot of material. Still looking for beats. Producers hit me up. I ain't paying for em though, lmblackao!!!! I need to go home soon. And by home I mean the Studio. Notice how it's capitalized? That makes it a proper noun. That means it's an important person, place, or thing. AHHH!!!! I'm wildin over here.

Writer's block is a bitch for real. I blacked on a track late last night and I think it killed my creative process for today. I haven't put together a solid verse all day. Oh well, I got all the time in the world. It's not like I have fans waiting for my music or anything.


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