Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me - Studio = Sad All Day

I swear I'm like this close to driving back home to record again. I haven't been in the studio in fucking 3 months. That's wwwaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to long. I'm losing my mind over here. So much heat to expend it's rediculous. The only positive thing about being away from the lab for extended periods of time is that I get better. Like wine or some shit. Not tryin to toot my own horn, even though I am a conceited bastard. I've always done shit in few takes, depending on how many times i've been iver it before, sometimes one is all I need. Anyways, new shit coming as soon as I recorded it. I need to find a cheap, decent studio here. Or atleast make friends with a rich TO so she'll pay for my studio time. Shit, maybe I should make my girl pay for it. Ha, lmblackao. I'm wildin right now. This is what happens at 10 in the am.

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