Friday, January 30, 2009

I Got An Idea

This the season to battle rap apparenty. Joe Budden just recently slaughterhoused Saigon, 50 is back to his usual self (no complaints here), and of course the never ending dick riding of Lil Wayne is going full steam ahead. But now, my man Rhymefest is going at Sonic The Hamilton? Oh my... This is starting to get out of hand.

"Any musical energy focused negatively is a waste of energy."

So with all this said I have an idea. Since I have no fans (that's the word on the street), and since all these craptastic local rappers wanna throw they little subliminal shots, and since I'm in need of the new Jordan 6's that came out a couple weeks back.... I'm bout to get me a record deal.

Peep game. Not only am I gonna write a diss track that has absolutely nothing to do with the person I'm dissing..... wait for it..... I'm gonna make a dance to go with it.

Damn... pure genius. The kid is illin right now.

Songs About Girls coming soon. Leaking the cover and track listing shortly.


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