Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bumpin This R&B Music

I swear I wish I could sing yo. Real talk, these R&B cats (well, the good ones) be puttin it down on these tracks for real. You know when you be singing along to that Anthony Hamilton or that Musiq Soulchild and you try to hit those notes. Even though you don't hit them you still feel much better after blasting that shit out. Yeah, I'm trying to do that, except translate it to music. Maybe I should start fucking with Auto-tune.... NOT!!! I have this thing about doing what everybody else does. Shout-out to T-Pain... I'm sorry everybody jocked your style. You shoulda called Weezy out from jump my nigga. But ay, get yo money, lol. Damn it's 2 in the AM. I'm gonna shoot myself when I wake up in 5 hours to go to class. Oh well, hopefully my slowed-down mind will be able to organize the diatribes I've got going on in the brain and translate into some hot shit. And by hot shit I mean better than the nigga you're bumping right now, whoever that might be. That is unless it's Joe Budden, Charles Hamilton, or Sha Stimuli. But yeah, I'm out.


Been a minute since ya'll seen that huh?

-YS (?)

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