Monday, April 27, 2009

Black People - We Gotta Do Better

I guess I'm gonna have to bring back the "Stop Cooning Movement." I thought that shit died but leave it up to Popeyes to bring it back.

I wonder what the YT news anchors were saying when the cameras stopped rolling...


Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh The Beauty Of Major Label Power

It looks like somebody pulled a jack-move on the first time around, so I'll do it again.

Relapse coming May 19th. I will be the first in line at Best Buy screamin "INTERNET SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!"


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Post Number 9,374,301,472,380^2 Today

Lol, DEAD.

New Eminem single...

Way better than "We Made You." But hey, I liked that one too.

This nigga said he's going to stick a flash light in Kim Kardashian's ass yo... that's some freaky shit if I do say so myself.

Shouts to the DopeBoyz for being my number source of HIP-HOP and RapRadar for failing at life.


For Some Reason I'm Just Now Seeing This


Also, here's the audio from his time with Angela Yee

Shady is back. I'll say it again. Shady is back.



Nu-Hop >>

"I'm addicted to that good pasta and that cooked lobster, paper chasing I'ma prolly need a foot doctor..."

Big Sean is nice.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it - G.O.O.D. Music >>> Young Money.

Shouts to Meka & Shake for the linkage

Hit up his site and do your fucking research.

All this new, GOOD MUSIC that's coming out got me in a new zone... The Re-Introduction coming sooner than you think (with minor changes.) More updates on that coming later...


Murs For President

One of the coldest albums that came out last year. If ya'll are sleepin on my nigga then wake up.

Prolly the realest song on the whole album .........


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Is Nice. Real Nice.

The production on this cd is DUMB STUPID ILL DOPE CRAZY FUNKY FRESH INSANE!!!!! Real talk... if you got 12's in your trunk you need this. B.A. is prolly the dopest out of Demev aside from Sonic. Please do yourself a favor and dl this. Valentine, I know you already up on this and if not Ron Browz yourself. DEAD.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Numero Cincuenta

The voices ain't leave yet,
they just gettin' they feet wet
Eyes red, I'm up, ain't been to sleep yet
Damn near two days, ain't even eat yet
If you don't wanna bounce, 'least take a little recess
And still I'm faced with the bullshit
Feelin' like Willy D, Scarface and Bushwick
Dog, just when I gather its dead
I gotta knock on wood like Hank Gathers head
When I make small steps toward making it global
My tight knit circle turns into a oval
Filled with motha fuckas just pretendin' they know you
These snakes in the grass'll do whatever to coax you
Since they wanna hem you quick
I walk around like a Ginsu's tip
And that's just to get a mental grip
You don't feel what the pencil scripts
Then eight times outta ten you ain't been through shit
When you hear Joe you hear the conviction and diction
That open emotion, devotion is different
Real talk of when he ain't have a pot to piss in
He ain't have a car not one rock to glisten
I'm giving 'em non-fiction,
conning his addictions
Ya'll got the easy job, just listen
I do it for my folk and those of another pigment
A little food for thought, you feelin' malnutrition
But you don't hear a peep outta me
About the black face goin' on and the sheep leadin' sheep
It's deep, so I try to stay grounded like dad
Must be in City Island, I'm surrounded by crabs
Was once tight, grew apart for dollars
Was on the same panel, now he's Star and Barbara
Two different views, two different lifestyles
I think 'long the way one of us got confused
Look, you a hustla, still attracted to the scene
Still doin' shit I gave up at sixteen
You won't get a job, believin' your own lies
You rationalize by sayin' you pursing your dreams
You damn near thirty nigga you ain't got cream
Can't take care of you when you worried 'bout your team
My dude, want a hand out, wait in line
But the clock's still tickin' man you playin' with time,
It's so sweet
Thought I was fucked up with no shoes 'til I met me a nigga with no feet
Tried to help niggaz, some niggaz I couldn't
That's my mom in me, I love niggaz I shouldn't
Dudes wanna shoot 'em 'til he nailed
Some wanna threaten me, ruin my health
Let me teach you a little something 'bout depression
Ain't shit you could do to me I ain't already thought about doing to myself
I'm the voice for the youth that's living with no reason
Fuck record sales, I give 'em something to believe in
If your day starts in that broken home
Though we never met, 'least they feel like they not alone
Like I was back when I was tryna' find dip
The tsunami came through my hood in nine six
And tried to murder dog,
I took a little dive
Then I got on my surfin board and kept slidin'
Feel like A-Rod, some say his time's up
Boo a nigga at home, yup I'm in my prime But
he by far the best player on the team
And then turn around, drop 'em to the bottom of the lineup
Should get traded, but he don't wanna move
'Cause this the only city he got somethin' to prove
And that's why I'm seen with heaters
'Cause you can't be the man when you on the same team as Jeter Ya dig
it's like the game ain't gettin' suitable
Makin' me so sick I need Chicken Noodle Soup
Rappers flyin' high, then got suicidal
Imitate Jim Jones, end up like Cory Lidle
I married hip hop, ignored what some was tellin' me
I started hearin' rumors of infidelity,
I ain't divorce 'er
All the other dudes is so wack that I aint even feel a little jealousy

Real talk.... that song saved my life.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Listen To My Music And You Think You Got Me Figured Out"


I'm bout to record a "Every Hi-Definition Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare" cd. Except every one of the songs is gonna be called _______. It's amazing how a year later this chick still manages to piss me off. What makes her think that I give a fuck about her at all? The shit amazes me. If i was a grimey nigga I'd post the e-mails for ya'll to read and laugh at just like I am. I'm still trying to figure out who gassed her up to even e-mail me in the first place. Next she gonna start commenting my blog.

Go away.


Friday, April 10, 2009

King James

NBA Champs anyone?

Cavaliers - 4; Lakers - 1. Cavs win 2 in Clevaland, Lose 1 In LA, Win The Next 1 in LA, and go back home to seal the deal.

Write it down. You heard it here first. If you got a stack put it up cuz I'm taking it. Hi-Definition just called the finals before the playoffs even start. I'm that good.

Another post coming later. I'm almost at 50 i think. Halfway to 100. Stand up.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Kanye you my nigga. Shouts to Shake. What's good my dude? This nigga got his rip game proper.

Hit the UniverseCity for Ye's response.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Isn't Funny

Okay... maybe it is.


This Is A Real Ass Song

Got a nigga reminiscing and shit. Sonic you my nigga. Get at me, like, yesterday.

"When things get right I'll be gettin with ya, but now I'm going crazy, fuck drying tears come swim in this river..."

If you don't have the Pink Lavalamp... Jump off a fucking bridge. Like, yesterday.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

When you been after this chick for the longest time. A bad chick. I mean, ass is just ridiculous, titties is outta this world, Kim Kardashian type cute.......


I just don't get it.

Shouts to my newly-acquainted best friend.

"The Re-Introduction" coming when I feel like it. DEAD.


If I Was Single!!!!!!

Joey... you my nigga. I ain't even gonna throw no disrespect and talk about what I would do to your girl. Don't let this one go my dude.... cuz she's bad.

Look at me talkin like this nigga actually ready this shit.


How about we go bar for bar on my next mixtape. You win you get my girl. I win, well... you know the rest.




Why do wack ass people who say wack ass rhymes over wack ass beats on wack ass microphones get more love than Andre 3000? I hear so much negativity thrown in his direction. 3 Stacks is mean. Do your research. No shots or nothing but Gucci gets love, Lil Boosie gets love, shit even Rocko gets love. Shawty Lo moved numbers. But 3Stacks can't get any respect as a lyricist? That shit is just baffling.

I know ya'll heard him kill that John Legend shit.

I know ya'll heard Hollywood Divorce.

Do I need to keep going? Cuz I can do this shit for days. Andre Lauren Benjamin deserves more respect than most peoples top 5. When you consistantly OBLITERATE 16's, there is no way that you should be discredited as a lyricist.

I guess if you brainwash the general public with ass-tastic music then they'll forget what crack sounds like.

Man oh man do I miss the good old days. The days before Wayne Nyquil'd his brain to death. The days when I actually bought music.

LUPE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


God Has Blessed Me...




Sunday, April 5, 2009

...And The Dick Riding Continues [||]

The Best of My Era. Tell me I'm lying. I fucking dare you.


Pleasant Overthinking

So I'm trying to finish writing for this project so I'll be ready for the studio when the time comes. This is the first weekend in like, two weeks I haven't had shit to do for class. And I get writer's block? That's just not fair. I think it might be the rain. It's raining mad hard, dead ass. The sky is fallin and shit. I got this big ass piece of foliage outside my window and it looks like it wants to come in a watch my tv. I dunno how I feel about that.

Music updates coming soon.

And by the way, Apple Juice is probably the greatest non-alcoholic drink on the planet.


5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Listen To Ron Browz

1. Go skydiving without a parachute
2. Take 151 shots of Bacardi 151
3. Sniff three Magnum Sharpies
4. Sign a record deal with Bad Boy
5. Watch 2 Girls 1 Cup - Twice.

Yes, I'm hating.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Please Come To The Rescue

I haven't listened to a rap/hip-hop song in a week and 2 days... until today.


Please relapse. It's too the point of begging. And me begging is not a good look.