Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Powder Blue

Go see it. I have no idea when it comes out, but I will be finding out VERY soon. Jessica Biel is finally gettin naked. THERE IS A GOD!!!! I know I sound like a pre-pubecent 7th grader but you know what... fuck off. They're titties. And even more important than that, they're famous titties, on a beautiful creation. Jessica Biel is easily top three.... easily.

If i had to make a list at this moment right now it would be...

1) Charlize Theron (Just watched Hancock and she's fresh on my mind)
2) Eliza Dushku
3) Jessica Biel
4) Hannah Montana
5) Miley Cirus
Funny thing is ya'll niggas think I'm joking.

Spotted over at Valentine's Crib.



aaronValentine said...


lol Eliza is a bad bitch too! But as far as young'ns go, Hayden Panettiere got that hands down. She might be a longshot top 3 for me. I'm tryin to save the cheerleader lol

Hi-Definition said...

nigga... Miley Cirus is on point. No debate.