Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why do wack ass people who say wack ass rhymes over wack ass beats on wack ass microphones get more love than Andre 3000? I hear so much negativity thrown in his direction. 3 Stacks is mean. Do your research. No shots or nothing but Gucci gets love, Lil Boosie gets love, shit even Rocko gets love. Shawty Lo moved numbers. But 3Stacks can't get any respect as a lyricist? That shit is just baffling.

I know ya'll heard him kill that John Legend shit.

I know ya'll heard Hollywood Divorce.

Do I need to keep going? Cuz I can do this shit for days. Andre Lauren Benjamin deserves more respect than most peoples top 5. When you consistantly OBLITERATE 16's, there is no way that you should be discredited as a lyricist.

I guess if you brainwash the general public with ass-tastic music then they'll forget what crack sounds like.

Man oh man do I miss the good old days. The days before Wayne Nyquil'd his brain to death. The days when I actually bought music.

LUPE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


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